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Why would I hire RIIPL instead of using Salesforce or any other existing CRM?

People hire us because they’ve been burned by canned software pieces, or because those same CRMs don’t fit their existing workflow internally. Most existing CRMs have a pre-determined flow that you have to use to use their app, but RIIPL build custom solutions specifically for your needs. Those needs could be an entire CRM, or it could be an integration to existing software.

What can you do for me?

Depending on how your business is set up, there’s tons of options available to you. We always say that if you’re using an Excel spreadsheet to help manage your business, we can help automate and decrease errors. For instance, if you have a list of orders that need to go out, we can build an integration to your shipping solution that automatically sends order reports with labels, address, and more.

Or, if you need help setting up your business with an app to complement your sales team, we can integrate with your existing CRM and pull in specific data points into a custom web app.

What kinds of apps do you make?

Anything that involves managing data. We’ve built event management systems, accounting integrations with quickbooks, Sage 300, donor management platforms for non-profits, travel accommodation systems, and more. Any time you need the user to have a custom flow on the front of your site or app that then needs to talk to your back-end systems that you use to manage your business, we can help.

How long do your projects take?

Everything depends on the need. If your needs are complicated, then the build for your custom software project may take longer than a simple API integration. We have had custom builds that take a few weeks to multi-year developments with multiple phases of deployment.

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