Donor Management Solutions (DMS)

COIN is tailored to best fit the needs of 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations, but can be used by companies of any shape and size. Organizations can maintain their brand and identity so end-users have a seamless experience.

End-users can save and store a payment method by simply checking the "Save Payment Method" checkbox, making any future payments as simple as a click away. Scheduling payments is quick and simple too. Let users manage when the payment frequency, amount, and when they start / stop

Admins have the ability to manually run credit card payments via the Phone Order module. They can choose the applicable campaign, user (optional), and enter the billing information.

COIN Donor Management Software
Donor Management Software

Setting up an account only takes seconds and you are processing payments immediately. For more details, please contact us or get started by creating an account below.

Save and Store Payment Methods

Recurring & One Time Payments

Reporting, Forecasting, & Trending

Custom Form Builder

Multiple Merchant Processors

Custom Brand & Identity

Complete User Management

Phone Order Module

Real Estate / HOA Module

Low Merchant Processing Fees

Each RIIPL account comes packed with dozens of other features. Want to spin up an account, see examples, or schedule a demo?

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