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Each quarter, we try to preview a new application that we've built. This quarter, we are featuring Keryxo a Property Management System. We have built several property management systems over the years, but this one is quite different. Learn more by scrolling below:

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A Keryx was an inviolable ancient Greek Messenger. Keryxo, the application, acts as a messenger for your opportunity. Whether simply sending an email/text or fully embracing our listing tool, Keryxo connects real estate professionals such as brokers, investors, property owners and even mergers and acquisitions advisors. You are not going to be inundated with seminar offers or expensive training advertisements. Keryxo exists solely to help you broadcast your message. No fluff, no filler.

There are two types of users that use this system, subscribers and broadcasters. Each user type will find tremendous value for one flat annual fee.


Receive SMS & email notifications for every new real estate listing for one flat annual subscription fee. Agents can use this tool to send listings to their clients by simply subscribing to the desired categories:


Brokers and agents can list their properties using the Keryxo platform. Within minutes, their listing is broadcasted to thousands of subscribers. Listing a property is simple and only takes minutes, see the screenshots below:

Property Management Software

This system was built on a multi-tenant platform with a few of integrations that streamline content directly to a subscriber's phone and inbox:


Property Management Software
Property Management Software

Sign up today for Keryxo by clicking "Create Account" or learn more about how to broadcast your real estate listings at keryxo.com

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