Coming July 2017! RIIPL's core framework will be available to license for free until 2018. Get your next project framed, plumbed, and ready for implementation in a matter of minutes.

How does this work? If you are developer and interested in developing custom applications at lightning pace, use the platform we built to get your project started. Simply select the modules that you need and start customizing your models, controllers, providers, and we will generate your solution zipped up and ready for you to start implementation

Initial Modules Available Licensing:

Users, Roles, and Permissions

Customers and Contacts

Tasks and Reminders

Calendar and Event Scheduling

Inventory Management

Document Upload and Attachments

Logging and User Activity

Reporting and Graphing

Emails and SMS Notifications

Multi-tenant Settings

Printable PDFs

Environment Setup and Requirements:

Visual Studio 2017 (or newer)

ASP.NET MVC4 (or newer)

SQL Server 2008 R2 (or newer)

Amazon Web Service Account (optional)

Need help getting your custom project started? Contact us to get a quick overview of the framework and demo of how it works

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