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There's no substitute for shaking someone's hands and meeting them eye-to-eye. However, sometimes you may just have to settle for putting faces to names off of the software company's website. We at RIIPL (pronounced "ripple") are incredibly proud of the people we work with, putting our best people on each custom development project.

RIIPL founded through a series of complex website builds that ended up needing more robust applications to power them. When our web marketing company needed development capabilities that exceeded the typical website build, we formed RIIPL, LLC - the business automation and custom software business that has grown and expanded ever since. Now, with a team of UX strategists paired with the robust development capabilities now available to us, RIIPL is able to create entire backend systems, CRMs, multi-tenant applications, and more that function seamlessly with 3rd party applications to automate your entire business.

It's hard to find a better looking group than this bunch.

Want to get a taste of the entire RIIPL experience with these fine people? Give us a call and we can see what kinds of custom business software works for you.

Meet Our Team

Our team of developers, thinkers, marketers, and planners can take your business to the next level with custom business software.

Dale Vaughn

Co-Founder & CEO

Dale is the co-founder & CEO of V3 RIIPL. After graduating from Auburn University in 2001 with a degree in Logistics, Dale entered the world of SaaS, website design, business application development through the freight and factoring industry.

Mark Hardin

Co-Founder & Architect

Mark is responsible for the oversight and architecture of most every software development at RIIPL. Throughout his career, he has maintained a focus on large, scalable, and data-centric platforms. Prior to co-founding RIIPL in 2015, Mark graduated from UAB with a degree in Computer Science and worked for a number of technology companies.

Taylor Teel

Director of Sales

Taylor's background in tech & hardware sales gives our team a unique perspective on integrating software into physical pieces - building connections between apps and products. With the ability to apply practical knowledge to an intangible industry, Taylor can help customers understand where their business values can be best expressed.

Chris Call

Chief Marketing Officer

Chris spends the majority of his days designing marketing material and writing for both RIIPL and RIIPL's clients, developing communication strategies and user flows to help every project generate ROI as soon as possible.

Kate Strohmeyer

Project Manager

Kate received her MBA from the University of Alabama in 2013 and coordinates all of the moving pieces of RIIPL's projects from start to finish. This includes working with the developers and clients, walking through each step of the development flow.

Michelle Perley

Social Media Coordinator

Michelle has her finger on the pulse of the end-user that's experiencing our platforms from the outside looking in. This means that Michelle, aside from creating social content and strategies, handles customer feedback, generates social leads, and provides invaluable insight into the pain points of any project.

Scarlotte Vaughn


Scarlotte manages the day to day operations of all of the behind-the-scenes operations of RIIPL including bookkeeping, receivables, and more. With her background in management and finances, Scarlotte is uniquely able to coordinate the complex backend of the RIIPL business.

Trey Gallant

Senior Account Executive

Trey works alongside each client after their project is completed for additional support and management. After graduating from Auburn University in 2010 with a degree in Communication, Trey has experienced a wide variety of industries, making him a great sounding board for the wide array of RIIPL clients.

Custom CRMs, Web Apps, & More.

When a SaaS Development Agency

Meets a Digital Marketing Company

You Get Custom Business Software

RIIPL’s ability to develop a complete software component that can run an entire business is already a big deal. But when you add in the ability to create customized marketing tools to grow your business, we’re not just improving your bottom line, we’re helping you grow too.

Almost every industry in the world can benefit from working with a SaaS development firm like RIIPL, especially when it comes to indsutries that have either been around for a while, or that use pen and paper for the majority of their day to day operations. 

Eliminating human errors is a huge part of what we do. Copying and pasting information from one sheet to another or moving from handwritten notes to actionable items about your company can cause mistakes or even bring your entire operation to a grinding halt. We want to help you maximize your employee’s value to your company, reducing the amount of manual labor required for menial tasks so that your money makers can get back to work. If that means that your sales team needs live data in the field on their phones, we can bring that out there to them. If that means that your management structure needs better tracking abilities for crews, we can set them up.

Even companies that use existing 3rd party applications like Quickbooks, Sage, Salesforce, or more can benefit from using a SaaS development agency to help make systems talk to each other. Wouldn’t it be great if your accounting data was updated in real time from the sales team instead of having to copy information over into Quickbooks? You can even automate the process of receiving checks and processing them into your system. 

When it comes down to it. RIIPL is a team of problem solvers. Yes, we are software developers, we’re marketers, we’re business consultants, but our job is to improve the efficiency of your business, and therefore make your more profitable that you were yesterday.

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