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Customized Online Business Software Specific to Your Industry

There's a reason that existing canned CRMs don't work for everyone and every business. Your industry may need specific customizations to your business/non-profit software. We're here to help you make sure your organization isn't trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Custom web apps can help automate your daily work and improve your day-to-day.

Embrace the Differences

Not every company is the same and they need solutions customized to them. With our custom software solutions we are able to work with you on what is most important in creating your ideal company.

Serving Over A Dozen Industries


Home Builder CRM & Software

Building custom software for the home builder industry means being able to help automate the entire building project from clearing land to signing the contract of the sale.

Healthcare & Medical

The Healthcare industry requires an incredible level of sophistication in record-keeping and security, making this the most exciting and challenging industry that we work in.

Higher-Ed & Universities

Working with Higher-ed requires specific attention to detail for learning management systems that cross over hundreds of fields and majors.

Field Service Industry

The field service industry provides its own challenges in that each field service industry is niche with products and pricing, making each individual company nuanced enough to be completely separate and different.

Non-profit Donor Management

Working with non-profits means being able to understand allocations of specific finances, sometimes internationally, and ensuring that forecasting and custom reporting is built in.

Vegetation Management

Running a vegetation management company without a custom CRM can lead to waste and inefficiencies.

Travel & Bookings

Integrating with airlines, hotel chains, and lodging options for a business that is sending people, or managing people’s travel.

Land Sales & Property Management

Using geolocation and geofencing technology, we’re able to help property owners sell parcels of land, and property managers to know exactly what’s happening on their land.

Donation Management And Beyond

RIIPL and its subsidaries own and license a host of “out of the box” SaaS solutions to growing companies

Custom Solutions in Every Industry

Web Apps by Industry

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