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Custom Software & CRM Applications for Higher Education & Universities

Developing custom software for higher ed and/or universities means being able to bring in a wide variety of moving pieces together into one piece of software. Whether you're working with student records, grades, learning management system, or class schedules, there's a huge number of variables that come into play.

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Within higher-education and universities, there are hundreds of majors and minors along with other things within one system. Having a software that can handle it all is imperative in keeping you successful.

Fully integrated software pieces to help you run your business your way.

RIIPL’s custom software has capabilities

that you haven’t even thought of yet.

Regardless of any specific hoops that your university may have to jump through for custom software, the end results are always worth it. Being able to effectively run your multi-million dollar organization fluidly and cleanly can be a huge benefit for everyone involved from students to administration.

Whether you need software that pulls in student records into the athletic department system for new IDs, or maybe a scannable card to track attendance at a basketball game, or you need a new learning management system for online classes, there’s an application available for you. Our overwhelmingly talented developers are able to build all of these things and more, connecting your 3rd party applications to that real time data can flow from piece to piece, or solve whatever issue you may be having.

Almost every higher ed project comes down to being able to effectively communicate the problems at hand for a development solution. If you can wrap your mind around what the problem is, we can develop a customize web app solution for your university.

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