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Donor Management Improves Your Non-Profit.

There are millions of non-profit organizations in the USA alone, each with different pain-points, problems, and issues that hold them back from reaching their goals. Whether it's creating an online donation platform, syncing up donors to an email marketing system, generating end-of-year tax receipts, or managing volunteer hours, every non-profit needs help managing data.

RIIPL's custom donor management software capabilities give us the ability to bring all of your moving pieces together. Stop trying to run your non-profit with hundreds of different 3rd party applications, but rather tie everything into one customized non-profit web app and get your organization running smoothly.

Working for a Cause

Encourage people to give more and new people to start to give. Through donor management you are able to grow your non-profit as well as manage the donations you are already getting with where they go.

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