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Custom Software & CRM Applications for Land Sales and Management Software

It can be difficult to find just the right piece land you are looking for or to even sell a piece of land you've been holding onto. You could search for months and years before you come across anything that peaks your interest. Or you could be trying to sell a piece of land for longer than you wanted before anyone lays eyes on it. There is no need to have concerns about that anymore, as we have put together a land management system that allows you to look for and sell land with ease.

Free Your Land and Workload

Know what’s going on in your land, from selling, buying, and managing properties within your own software system. With all the latest technology, you will have your business the best it can be.

Fully integrated software pieces to help you run your business your way.

RIIPL’s custom land sales and management software will help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Working in the land sales industry can yield unique problems that no other industry deals with. With land records notoriously managed almost entirely on paper and at local county offices, it’s incredibly difficult to digitize and otherwise manage land sales online. Most opportunities to buy land are handshake deals that only come about when you know someone that knows someone.

With RIIPL’s custom software development for the land sales industry, we can help your land sales business use KML mapping data, Google integrations, and more to get your sales online for users to not just see, but experience. Show your users a digital walkthrough of the property, without digitally highlighted elements like a pond or shooting house. Manage your sales employees by giving them real time updates with pricing changes, offers, and more.

With our custom reminder engines, we can even build in a system for your prospective buyers that immediately notifies them when a property that fits their search parameters comes onto the market. With a customized and integrated CRM, your business can make more sales, faster.

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