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Custom Software & CRM Applications for Field Service

The Field Service industry is continually growing and we want to grow with those businesses. Our field service softwares are built with the average person in mind. We want everyone, in any field service industry, to be able to utilize our CRM applications with ease.

Field Service Simplicity

Don’t get overwhelmed with keeping track of your business on pen & paper, let our software solutions do the hard work for you.¬†

Mandrill Integration

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Powerful Email White Labeling/Tracking Available with Mandrill Integration. Track emails, avoid spam filters, know that you're communicating effectively with your…

Constant Contact Integration

| Full CRM, Integrations, Marketing Tools, Reminder Engines | No Comments
Manage Email Lists, Send E-Blasts, and More Email Marketing Integrations Any custom solution with constant contact will allow you to…

SAP Integration

| Custom Product Calculations, Document Storage, Full CRM, Integrations, Inventory Management | No Comments
SAP Makes Your Business Powerful. We Make it Work. Using the data management and business tools that SAP already offers,…
Fully integrated software pieces to help you run your business your way.

RIIPL’s custom software allows you to have full oversight of your business in one CRM.

From riding on your Husqvarna lawn mower, to scaling the side of a skyscraper making sure the window shines, to catering an office party, Riipl has created the software to keep your business organized. The demand for those in the field service industry has grown rapidly over the past few years. With this in mind, we wanted to give those in the field service industry the chance to utilize CRM’s in way that is unique to their business.

We first saw a need in the lawn care and landscaping  industry to keep track of scheduling, receiving payments, and managing customers. So we took a look at what the immediate needs were for this industry and created TurfHop. A custom software built from the ground up, to help lawn care and landscape business owners mange their entire business.

As we launched TurfHop, we realized that the need was not just for the lawn care industry but for anyone in any type field service business. Then JobCloser came to be. JobCloser maintains the focus of helping small businesses easily collect payments, schedule jobs, invoice for work, and much more.

Customers have the ability to receive invoices, quotes, and statements automatically via text message or email. They can even pay their invoice online and get notifications about any missing payments as well. Schedule jobs to be reoccurring so you do not have to worry about scheduling every week. Allow your employees to clock in/out and set up crews to do specific jobs so you can know where your employees and equipment are all the time. TurfHop and JobCloser have taken businesses to the next level by making this software user friendly and to encompass everything anyone in the field service industry may need in a software.

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