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Builders, investors, health care professionals, non-profits, and everyday people depend on RIIPL. Our client's software is used daily by thousands of users and actively processing over $1B+ worth of financial transactions each year.

Our technology business model delivers value to growing companies by automating and simplifying their workflow. We develop software solutions to maximize productivity, efficiency and profitabity for your business.

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Our body of work has a rich and deep history. We have built hundreds of web applications that are used to automate and power everyday business. Below are a few of the modules that can be bolted on to your custom solution:

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Digital Signatures

User Roles and Permissions

Tasks and Reminders

Calendar and Scheduling

Tasks and Reminders

PDF Views

Extensive Logging and User Accountability

Notification Engine

Inventory Management & Scanning

Lead, Customer, and Contact Mangement

Estimates, Work Orders, and Invoices

Geolocation and Geofencing

Email and SMS Notifications

Document Storage

Reports and Forecasting

Graphing and Trend Recognition

Third Party Integrations

Customer Specific Pricing / Discounts

Custom Branding & Identity

Payment and Quickbooks Integration

Purchase Order & Vendor Pricing

Custom Product Calculations

Sophisticated Mapping Capabilities

The RIIPL platform integrates natively with Google's Mapping API. Utilize the latest and greatest mapping utilities to track vehicles, plot markers, draw polygons, calculate proximity, or implement geofencing. The possibilities are endless.

LLS Screenshot
LLS Screenshot


A customizable, feature rich system that gives insulation contractors the ability to quote, schedule, invoice and manage their day-to-day operations. FieldGroove delivers powerful reporting functionality and features an interactive home-base dashboard that shows task lists, schedules, open leads and available conversions.

CRM Software

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Each RIIPL application comes native with third party integrations with dozens of our solution partners to save you time and money

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