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Ensure Your App Emails Are Delivered.

The ability to send emails through your custom business application or saas platform will be a cornerstone of any functional development. Whether it's two-factor authentication emails, forgot password emails, email marketing, or anything else, you need to know that your software can send emails without being caught in spam filters.

Through Postmark, not only will you be able to make sure your emails are successfully delivered, but with data tracking metrics in the backend, we can pull specific metrics for opened rate, actionable item rate (clicking buttons within an email), and more. This information will prove invaluable to your business for measuring the efficacy of email marketing campaigns, tracking results of marketing verticals, or even understanding if an invoice has been seen by a customer and reporting that back to your tenants.

Track emails, avoid spam filters, know that you’re communicating effectively with your customers with a custom integration with Postmark from RIIPL.