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Building A Platform For Success

After spending as many collective years in development as we have, we’ve found that speed and ease-of-use turns a quality product into an irresistible one. Most people have heard of the saying “High Quality, Low Cost, Built Quickly, now pick 2,” or some variation of that. In an effort to separate ourselves from competitors, other businesses, developers using similar languages, we wanted to create a method to keep people from having to only pick two. Why can’t we offer all three?

High Quality

When it comes to development, most of the quality can be solved through a few main ideas: take your time to think through a problem/solution, use a development language robust enough to handle your solution, and then automate & standardize as much as possible. The fewer opportunities for users to introduce human errors, the better your finished product will be for both the client and the end-user. We measure quality of a product by the number of bugs expressed, security/vulnerability to breach, and effectiveness of the product to address the problems originally presented.

We see half-baked solutions all the time; shortcuts taken for one reason or another. Band-Aids. It’s completely possible that said Band-Aid was a cost-saving measure, a developer trying to hit a deadline, or even what a team thought was the best solution to a problem at the time. While development will always have it’s hiccups along the way, planning and thinking through a project from start to finish, addressing the different avenues and methods of completion are great practices to ensure that your product is of the highest quality.

Low Cost

The biggest barriers to low cost all revolve around the time it takes to offer a product of high quality. If it takes X amount of hours to thoroughly think through and develop a plan of action for a quality product, how can you offer a low cost? It’s this exact question that is answered through our methodology for speed. Our ability to move quickly without cutting corners allows us to offer low costs relative to the marketplace around us. While there’s no guarantee that we will be the cheapest option on the market, we can safely and honestly say that you will be hard-pressed to find the same quality of development that we can offer with the time frame we can complete it within, at our price point.

Built Quickly

Besides “just hire great developers,” which we do, there needed to be a way for us to offer the quality of services needed for development without having to reinvent the wheel for every product or project. Looking the kinds of apps, games, and utilities built within the App Store, we came to a simple and elegant solution: don’t create individual apps, create a platform to build apps on.

Let us explain. There’s a difference between a platform and an app. An app is built FOR a platform, giving said platform a specific application, a specific utility or direction. The Apple iPhone is a device built on the iOS framework, and they allow users to build programs for their framework through a platform. Developers build programs for the platform so that users with the device can play their game, or otherwise use their program. Apple holds the keys. Apple knows how their system works better than anyone else. Apple can build in different functions to their own platform that allows your phone to do different things.

Think about every time an update is published for your phone. Portrait Mode, Find My Friends, Battery Health, etc.. All of those items were technically already “possible” for your device, the program just hadn’t been written yet. We look at those updates as different modules added to a core platform. That’s what Riipl offers: the Riipl Platform.

The Riipl Platform is a platform that we’ve built for ourselves, giving us a publishing framework to image, design, and develop apps, websites, and more all within our control. This gives us the ability to take something incredibly complicated like inventory management for variable products with tens of thousands of SKUs and spin it up in an afternoon. We can use that same module to create a product management system for a clothing boutique, flooring company, bookstore, and more, all with relative ease.

Now, the time comes into the actual data management for each project, but onboarding is a beast of it’s own. When it comes to speed of development, we’ve set ourselves up for unprecedented success by creating our own platform of development that we add on to.

Think about working with LEGOs. Let’s say you spend weeks, months, a year building an incredibly intricate spaceship. When it’s all said and done, that space is awesome. It’s got wings, rocket boosters, lasers, everything you think a spaceship should have. You invite a friend over to look at your ship, and they ask “where do the pilots eat lunch?” Well, now you build a lunchroom, a galley, if you will, and attach it to the underside of the ship. That galley is a module added to the core platform. It’s all built with the same pieces, it works well together, and it adds a new function that didn’t exist before.

The RIIPL Platform

We’ve built out a platform of success that allows us to create a high quality product quickly. The speed with which we can develop also lets us save our clients money in the long run. So many different industries use similar functions that, with our core framework that we’ve been developing over the past three years, we’ve begun creating individual modules that allow us to immediately break into those industries. A scheduling function for field technicians is the same across many industries. Inventory management works similarly for both automobile parts and landscaping equipment.

Our different modules can also be customized for your specific industry. If there’s something very detailed that you need to make the core framework or module work exactly the way you need it to, we have developers to make it happen. There’s no end to the amount of customization that’s possible with the Riipl Platform.

Simple is better and beautiful.
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