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Manage Email Lists, Send E-Blasts, and More Email Marketing Integrations

Constant Contact is a e-newsletter system that will allow you to send out custom designed emails to an email list of your contacts. When it comes to a custom integration with the Constant Contact system, this can take a wide variety of shapes. We have integrated into the Constant Contact API to allow our system to automatically add new emails/names to a list for future emails, send out automatic emails, schedule e-blasts, and more, all through the same integrated dashboard as the rest of your CRM.

If you need a way to communicate quickly and effectively with a large number of your customers, then you will probably want the effectiveness and ease of use of a constant contact integration.

Any custom solution with constant contact will allow you to use the RIIPL framework to the next level – communicating to your customers through our portal, not just managing your business.