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FleetMatics Let’s Business Owners Have Peace of Mind through Asset Tracking.

Having complete knowledge of your service industry business or your field teams is a huge benefit to improve efficiency and keep accountability of your squad. With RIIPL’s integration with FleetMatics, any admin can pull real time data from trucks in the field for GPS location, odometer, speed traveling, and other diagnostics.

You can see in an integrated Google map where your trucks are physically located, and if they are in the designated areas of service. You can create groups of team members that are assigned to individual trucks, letting you know that average cost per hour per truck to determine the value of a particular job, and more.

Knowledge is power in the world of data and digital efficiency. Knowing what is happening with your crews out in the field can help you forecast future expenses, understand your business’ value, and overall have amore thorough knowledge of the efficiency of your business.