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Powerful Email White Labeling/Tracking Available with Mandrill Integration.

Mandrill is an SMTP relay, email tracking/providing service that allows your CRM to send emails from your root email address. Essentially, this means that you can avoid spam filters with emails sent from your application - something that would otherwise be difficult to do.

With email communication being so important for the modern world and being the primary form of communication on the internet, any custom web app needs the ability to send emails and know that they emails have made it through. With a custom Mandrill integration into your RIIPL project, you can rest easy knowing your emails are successful.

Not only will you be able to know that your emails are being successfully received, but a complete integration with Mandrill will allow you to see read receipts for emails sent, where we are able to track whether or not an email has been seen or even opened. This assures that you know if a customer has received a bill, providing additional accountability within a fully-integrated web app.

Track emails, avoid spam filters, know that you’re communicating effectively with your customers with a custom integration with Mandrill from RIIPL.