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SAP Makes Your Business Powerful. We Make it Work.

RIIPL's integration with SAP is a great example of how multiple powerful tools can come together into one seamless system. With SAP being a monstrous platform that has a robust set of features, options, and abilities, not every system needs the full workflow of SAP, and many more times, the flow that SAP uses doesn't quite fit into what your business wants.

By building in an integration into SAP for a piece of custom business software, RIIPL is able to use the SAP system for data storage while using our own custom workflow, syncing up two systems to talk to each other for data sharing and input. This allows your business flow to work exactly as you want without being tied down to what SAP offers.

Using the data management and business tools that SAP already offers, RIIPL can help customize the entire workflow of your business from start to finish.