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Weather Underground Integration for Field Service Businesses.

If your business works outdoors, or you're in the field service industry as a whole, then what the weather is doing can play a huge part in what you can accomplish that day. With RIIPL's integration into the Weather Underground API, we're able to pull in real time forecast updates and predictions for what the weather will do on a certain day.

Administrators will be able to see the forecast dates of their choosing (7-day, for example), and see what the odds are for rain or sun, and therefore be able to plan accordingly. We can even build in the ability to have the forecast automatically adjust calendars and scheduling to where if a forecast has, for instance, a 100% chance of rain for multiple days, to push calendar events back 2 days. Even business is different, but the functionality exists when you integration your custom business software with Weather Underground.

Few online weather platforms allow us to build in integrations like Weather Underground, giving us full access to pull in real time data across the board.

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